Tuesday, November 22, 2016


Days are much shorter and the Anti-Cline that use to light up so much in the evening hardly has any sun on it as sunset with the sun moving further south. There are 11 gray foxes each night and at least half of them hang around all night making the skunks and ringtails prisoners at Base Camp. I'm feeding the foxes just one time in the evening and then not putting any more food out for them hoping they'll drift off and look for something else. Both bowls of Kit&Kaboodle still get emptied twice a night. Once by the foxes there are so many of them now and once more by the raccoons early in the mornings. Each day the parking area requires two small shovels of scat to be hauled off. Twice last week I heard the howls of coyotes in the basin that I haven't heard for ten years but so far no tracks showing them coming to the lodge. After the first snowfall I expect I'll be seeing signs of the female mountain lion that comes down from the Anti-Cline twice each year to take a deer or big horn.

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