Friday, September 2, 2016

Tough Night on the Front Porch

I heard the raccoons outside the bedroom window Thursday night pushing and shoving around the food bowl as they do most every night. I walked outside and shined them with the flashlight and they all took off. One lingered behind a folding chair and then left. I smelt the faint odor of skunk. I'd been back in bed about ten minutes when I heard one of the baby skunks screaming like I've never heard before. I went back outside. The female baby found her sibling mauled behind the chair and started screaming. When I got to it, though the flashlight is so bright it's hard to tell, but it's had many neck wounds. It's eyes were still open but it was paralyzed and a few minutes later after taking it inside it's eyes closed and they never opened again. I think this is the baby skunk that has been acting so crazy and doesn't back down to anything. A few weeks ago with a full moon I watched it run right into a huddle of three Gray foxes and they all dispersed. At that point I quit worrying about it thinking all the night people were scared of it but if it got in the middle of the feeding frenzy when the raccoons are here it didn't have much chance. It's sibling was under the porch wailing for another half an hour or so. I put it in a bag to keep the smell down and I buried it this morning. I have not seen the other baby tonight and it's midnight on Friday as I post this. I've tightened up the chairs and water canisters giving the ringtails and skunks all the protection I can. To my knowledge this is the first casualty of any of the critters that have ever come to the porch.

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