Saturday, September 3, 2016


Three times today Kobae walked out of his house, part way across the drive, then turned and went back down. Finally when he did come to the porch he seemed wobbly and kept lifting extra high his back legs. When he laid down he kept his back feet up. Linny and I turned him upside down to look for cactus or whatever might be ailing him but with a flashlight, daylight, and a magnifying glass we couldn't find anything. So I went to his house where I hadn't opened the top hatch in at least three or four months to see if there was a black widow spider or scorpion or something that might have gotten him. Lifting the lid it's water damaged and looks like it might have mold or something on it. I sprayed it with Lysol, scrubbed it down, and will replace the lid as soon as I can. Then Linny found a red ant pile next to the front entrance and we thought maybe enough bites might have affected him so I sprayed it good and buried them. We found a squirrel hole going down into the house but it appeared old (spider web unbroken) and had no tracks. I filled it but Linny said she didn't see any fresh dirt going into the house so it didn't appear to connect. Then as I was digging out his hole I found a hornet's nest that had fallen inside so maybe Kobae got stung by some of them somewhere but I couldn't find anything stuck to him and I can't imagine where it might have been able to penetrate. Not far from where I think Kobae's tunnel ends, about 35 feet or so out I found a deep hole into the ground. Depending on where it goes under ground it could lead into the back of Kobae's tunnel but I think it's unlikely. I should have put my glove next to it so you can see the size of it. It's big enough for a raccoon or the badger to enter. I'll monitor him the next few days.


cyn said...

Positive energy sent your way Kobae.

cyn said...

After watching those "monster" hikes, maybe his feet are bruised! And maybe as big as he is getting you need to start carrying a block and tackle!