Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Bit of This and That

Cynthia and Cole each commented about the amount of graffiti on walls where there are petroglyphs and pictographs. What I've noticed is it appears to be going down. In areas that were known only to Moab-ites for years there is a lot and much of it dated "C and K, 1956". Most of the inscriptions that are dated are a long time ago and there are few in the recent years so perhaps awareness of the mess it causes has slowed it down or people just don't date graffiti anymore. There is much more trash on the trails though and more vehicles going off the trail.

 I found this chart of the Earth's history displayed in a 24 hour day.

There was a birthday a couple months ago when the blog turned eight years old and got it's 100,000 hit about while I was lying on the floor in the kitchen paralyzed on the 4th of July. 3,476 hits the first year to about 30,000 this year. Granted that's not much when a six year old sings something cute and gets 1.5 million but it's pretty much just people that have been here. Since I don't label the pictures they don't get picked up on YouTube searches. Plus, posts, pictures, or videos that get posted somewhere else and and viewed there don't show up either. For example a couple weeks ago the post "What Kobae Likes Most For Two Miles shows 23 views on the blog counter but where Heather posted it to Facebook it shows on YouTube that it had 101 views.

While at Moab Giants and visiting the Museum I came across this exhibit. For the amount of mountain lion pictures I looked at online I never found one this dark. What I saw cross the road a couple weeks ago was darker than this, had shorter hair, and the ears were more pointed but about the same size so I believe my unrecognized to me critter I saw crossing the road was a mountain lion.

Thanks to Rachel for sending me this as I didn't know it existed. Kobae sometimes has a relationship with the stairs. On this particular day he broke the stairs and they were collapsing. So I did an emergency repair while trying to keep him from getting hurt and not interrupting his special time.

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