Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Where Have All The Rock Squirrels Gone: Long Time Passing

A few months ago I counted 22 rock squirrels at just one feeding area. They were a problem. For Kobae to eat his food I bought four squirt guns and assigned guest kids to the front porch to squirt gun away any rock squirrels attempting to steal Kobae's food. Three times they ate wires on my truck, my jeep, and the generator, as well as two guest vehicles. Nations was tired of rewiring my vehicles and it was getting expensive. I was thinking about catching some of them and releasing them somewhere else. They broke into the house, tore through screens, chewed up the carpet trying to get under the door and knocked a beautiful vase over. I was thinking bad thoughts. After new squirrel proof screens, food locked in containers, spraying "Critter Begone" on everything and the problem seems solved. They are disappearing. I don't find bones, I don't find diseased bodies, I don't find rock squirrel hair in fox scat off the porch, and I don't find tracks of a new predator. There are four left. Two live under the porch and two live under the sidewalk. That appears to be it. They are just gone.

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