Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Tuesday: I'm Still Alive

I explored options. I ask myself while I was helpless if I should just quit the fight but before I could really consider such a thing it occurred to me that it wasn't my call. I was watching the whole thing go on and couldn't do anything about it. All I could do was try to keep thinking of possibilities to include who was going to find me tomorrow. After finally grasping my situation it felt like if I just kept fighting, kept my mind active, time was on my side. Whatever my body was fighting I just had to buy it time.

When I made it out to the yard in the morning fortunately Kobae had gone back down in his house instead of on a long hiking expedition so I closed his gate. I knew with what I'd gone through it was going to take a few days to recover and spending the first one hiking through the sand looking for Kobae wouldn't have helped.

I've just returned from the Doctor and in short, they don't know. It's not an allergy, not the auto immune problem, something new. The thought is a couple different kinds of mosquito repellent mixed together, the muffins, anything else I ate mixed with the other stuff was toxic. It took my liver a long time to absorb the toxins and it shut the rest of the body down to devote all it's energy into the fight. That's a guess.

Kristin has come back with me to do some cleaning and spend the night should I have the issue again.

While yesterday I couldn't get anybody to come inside the lodge when I needed help these were waiting for me when I got back from the doctor today inside on the kitchen counter.

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