Sunday, July 31, 2016

The Magic of Ringtail

I've many times heard a lizard running down the porch from inside the lodge, a small dog barking at the lodge while I was on top of the Amasa Back, and a guy go over the handlebars of his bicycle coming down the sand hill from the front porch of Base Camp. When you're in this environment all the time you become part of it. I've seen the smallest of spiders wrap up an ant from beyond the sidewalk and recognized the bird passing over by it's shadow. I've climbed to The Crack. However it all pales in comparison. When the ringtails don't want to be heard, they can't be. When they don't want to be seen, they can't be. When they want to climb, they are gifted like no other. While I was sitting on the porch listening for the next ringtail to show up I heard the hot dog package move slightly but two feet to my right on the water cooler. Turning on the flashlight a ringtail had come right by me and was taking hot dogs out of the package with no assistance from me. I give you the magic of ringtail.

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