Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Wednesday, My Friend Kobae

I took the truck into Nations to get worked on. The critters have been chewing on some wires to get a little buzz. I had been putting mothballs on duct tape and taping them to anything that had a wire by it and it's been effective but I got sloppy because it was working so well and quit doing it. I dropped off the truck and Kristin and drove the red side by side back. It felt good to be in the sun. It was hot but there was some wind. When I got back my friend was ready to eat.

I've been thinking back and I think there was one other time that Kobae bit me. I don't remember he bit me because he wanted me to feed him we were just lying next to each other, both asleep on the porch, and he bit me gently on the arm. I don't know for sure that he knew something was wrong Monday but he bit me each time I drifted off to sleep. I don't doubt he could have bit right through me as I've seen him snap frozen large cucumbers in half so maybe he was just curious about my sleeping, wanted me to finish feeding him, or he was actually trying to help and keep me conscious. Will likely remain a mystery because as you know those strong silent types rarely talk.

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cyn said...

Knows you well.