Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Monday: Small Victory for Linny and Tom

A Sharp-shinned makes a fly by early in the morning and then is not seen again and it's been three or four days at least since Linny or Tom have seen a Cooper's hawk or the Butcher, the Loggerhead Shrike. On Sunday a female House Finch hit a window trying to escape from a Sharp-shinned but Linny and Tom got to the porch before the Sharp-shinned could depart with it and brought it inside. Twice on Sunday Linny and Tom took it outside on the front porch but in both instances it was unable to fly and in a predator filled area, you got to be able to fly. So, Linny and Tom put her in the office on a towel to spend the night. On Monday morning after tearing the office apart and unable to locate her Linny and Tom have come to the conclusion she didn't survive. Occasionally throughout the morning they hear a noise in the office but can't locate where it's coming from. Then, she comes alive.

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