Thursday, January 3, 2013

If It's Not One Predator, It's Another

Most of the songbirds are gone and the few that are left are frozen. There's a predator but Tom has looked in all the usual places and can't find one. Make no doubt though there's one there. Tom notices all the birds in the bush off the back porch are facing east. What, there's no place for a predator to perch to the east. Holy crap, there's a Cooper's hawk right on the back porch and speaking of crap, he takes a dump on the porch while he's there.
Tom drives off the Cooper's hawk and returns to the office. Twenty minutes later, looking outside, none of the songbirds have returned. Checking the back porch the Cooper's is not there, but all the songbirds in the bush off the back porch are still looking east. Walking around to the front porch Tom sees he drove the Cooper's hawk off earlier, but not very far.
Almost dark now. Tom has yet to see a predator come this late in the evening so everything should be......there he is, just flew into the front bushes and has a couple song birds trapped at the bottom. As soon as Tom opens the front door the Cooper's hawk starts squawking up a storm and Tom talks right back at him. He continues squawking to the Cottonwood tree until he is again driven off by Tom.

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