Monday, January 21, 2013

Monday: Sharp-shinned and One Ear

It was same ol, same ol, with the Sharp-shinned. The Sharp-shinned/Songbird issue will have to work itself out. It got almost up to 30 today and a few more days it's time to go exploring. One Ear continues to mend. Looks a little better, appears a little sharper each day. Ate every bit of the food off the front porch today. Not all the way there yet. After eating on the porch, though not on video, One Ear walked across the driveway to take small pieces of corn where the Songbirds feed. All the Songbirds took off when One Ear approached and he ducked down when they departed thinking something was coming after him. It was clear he never realized he's what the Songbirds were scared of as he continued to look in every direction while approaching to feed.

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