Thursday, October 25, 2018

Mr. In Between

There was a short series on TV a few weeks ago called Mr. InBetween. Was a sort of strange series on a nice guy but with a violet behavior of sorts.

On Wednesday I went hiking with Kobae and Jax and I was a different sort of Mr. In Between. Jax would be way up front leading the way as always yet I had to stay close enough to Kobae to keep him from getting run over and to include he rarely does things in his best interest. When people ask how old he will live to be I tell them about two to three days after I'm gone. I save his life about twice a week. It reminds me of the scene in Groundhog Day with Bill Murray where the kid falls out of the tree at the same time every day and Bill catches him over and over and says something to the effect of you've never thanked me once. Same thing.

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