Sunday, October 7, 2018

Jax Bomb

This is the place on the road back from town where Jax's little butt cranked out a fart that was so bad we had to stop. Jax jumped out the window to get as far away as possible and Brandon and I both thought we were going to throw up. It was five minutes or so before it was safe to go back to the truck. The second picture, the cloud up above Jax and to his left I believe is a fair indicator of the size of the fart that Jax cranked out a few minutes earlier.

Jax doesn't really like hot dogs but he will eat them if he can get to them before the foxes so they can't have them and he doesn't really like cucumbers but if he can get to the leftovers before Kobae does he'll eat them just so Kobae can't. I believe that combination is the cause of the nuclear butt explosion that we experienced with nearly all our senses earlier in the day. Just my opinion.


cyn said...

Even the sky and Jax are amazed.

Big T said...

Farts... Always funny