Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Deep Into Dripping Springs

A couple days ago Jax and I ran across a young calve that was left behind at the entrance to the Dripping Springs area. I called the cowboys and left them a message. If they come all the way out here it's a couple hours to the end of Dripping Springs to see if there's anymore cows back there so with some free time today Jax and I drove as far as we could and then we hiked the last couple hours back into the canyon where it splits and goes up to the top of the Anti-Cline to save the cowboys, their horses, and dogs, the trip. Jax had never been there before. I was pretty impressed. It was probably three or four rough miles back and Jax led and followed my footprints, through smell I suspect, all the way back and never got off trail once and there were plenty of chances. He'd come to an intersection and put his nose to the ground and take the correct trail every time. When I take people out hiking always knowing there's a chance a few of them might want to turn around before reaching our destination I teach them a little bit of tracking and at key points along the path I stop and tell a story and try and get the key point into the story. It helps them remember the spot when they get to it in reverse if they are on their own hiking back.

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