Thursday, February 1, 2018

Thursday: Jackson Hole

I use to have these real cool striped rocks but they have all disappeared. I haven't been able to remember exactly where I got them. When that happens and it doesn't pop into my head in a couple of days then just prior to going to sleep I think about whatever the issue is and when I fall asleep usually the answer comes during the night. I remember where I found the striped rocks and after three hours of searching today I found a couple of acceptable ones but not yet as nice as the ones I use to have. I did not remember how incredible this spot is. Linda, Jax, and I couldn't walk more than a few hundred feet without the landscape changing dramatically.

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cyn said...

These photos are astonishing and the ones over the Anti-Cline also; I couldn't add a Comment there. I am always amazed at the rugged beauty and variation of the landscape.