Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Hard to Believe

I'm starting my 12th year out here. What use to be a four month off season really just turned into a two month off season and really less than that because with March and April being so booked I'm already having to get ready for the new season. I'll give you an example of how the place has caught on popularity wise. Earlier today I took a reservation for three nights in March. With that reservation, if only the people that have made reservations for this coming year through today show up, and I don't get one more reservation the rest of the year, don't get one more disc golfer, or rent one more side by side, I will still pass the total revenue for 2016. And, today is February 6th. At this rate I'm guessing I'll pass 2017 revenue in reservations somewhere around the end of March. I moved out here to semi retire. The purchase of next door and the mortgage payment to go with it both semi and retire have been removed from my thought process.

For the last four days the temps have been in the lower 60s. On Sunday the red-winged blackbirds who have been silent began singing. The Canada geese returned over the weekend and I can hear them down at the river at night fighting over nesting spots. I saw a butterfly out hiking with Jax today. Chirping birds woke me up this morning. All the little people are starting to think it's spring and the mating season is upon us. A couple raccoons have returned and I've seen skunks and ringtails the last few nights. More foxes are starting to show up again in the evenings and about 3am this morning something large tunneled under the lodge and I heard it climb up in the insulation and go to sleep. Johnny is large proofing under the porch but leaving ingress egress for small things like ringtails and skunks. Had to leave it open part way today because either the raccoon or badger is still in the crawl space.

Coming back from town, just leaving, the phone rang and some folks were coming out to play disc. They were just two minutes behind me it turned out so they followed me back. After getting everything unloaded Jax and I went on a short hike and caught up to them for the last five holes.