Sunday, September 10, 2017

Things Are Changing

Over the last few years I've run Base Camp sort of part time. If I want to go hiking with Kobae I just don't take any guests. I did that for three weeks, three times last year. Then in January with the acquisition of Last Hurrah next door my expenses have skyrocketed. I had a reputable guest that was going to take next door at $1,000 a night for 37 nights so I didn't worry much about it as that makes quite a few payments. However, it didn't happen. I've had some extremely high negative cash flows since then with June reaching a negative $28,000. I'm not good for a lot of those kinds of months so....

In the middle of July I began advertising Base Camp and Last Hurrah in the online travel sites. Today I booked my 100th night with one of the travel sites. The impact has been huge and the demand for both places incredible. The little secret is out. So while the negative cash flow is disappearing quickly it also means that.........wait for it.........I have a job again. I have to work. I thought I was done, retired. I thought my job was tortoise herder. It turns out I'm the booking agent, tour guide, maid, gardener, finance guy, and maintenance guy. I have a bunch of jobs and mostly, it's just me.

Now that I'm buried in people everything is breaking of course. Every time something breaks I go online and run a search of how to fix it. There's a tutorial on almost everything. I'm actually getting decent at it. But other things, the blog for example, are suffering. Just not enough time for everything.

Here's my view from fixing the water line that leaked, in three places, on the roof to the west cooler.

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cyn said...

One of these days....

Hopefully knowledgeable, dependable help will read about BC and show up.