Sunday, September 10, 2017

Dear Snow Flake

Over the years I've really respected the guests that have visited. They make the drive, not always easy, sometimes with great challenges, especially weather occasionally, and they know this place is in the boonies so no one is expecting a mint on their pillow. Advertising on travel sites not everyone seems to read past the first paragraph. My listings all say this or similar......"you don't normally need four wheel drive to get here but you should have some ground clearance. Without it your vehicle and Mother Earth may have inappropriate relationships occasionally. If height is an issue for you there will be lots of issues driving up and down Hurrah Pass......."

Yes there have been excesses. The VW beetle that showed up with one bumper strapped to the top and the other one sticking out both side windows. The Ford Pinto that shed it's oil pan on top of Hurrah Pass but they carried their four foot long cooler all the way down the pass at 1am. They said, together, "Can't go all weekend without beer." Then smiled at each other. Or the Honda Fit that missed the turn and shed her oil and transmission fluid out by Chicken Corner. 

So this picture, taken in my parking lot yesterday, is for the people who called me last week in their Jeep Cherokee telling me I lied to them when I told them they shouldn't have any trouble in a Jeep and they were going back to town because it was impossible to get here in anything but a tricked up four by four with extended ground clearance. See the one on the left, mom and her two kids.

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