Sunday, September 10, 2017

Language Barrier? No, Just Crazy

I'm driving up Hurrah and see two mostly street bikes coming down. I stop them and ask if they are doing Lockhart Basin. Yes, they say. No, I say. I tell them when they get to the first obstacle that might be a problem to then walk another three or four hundred feet past that.

Then I see three guys riding their bicycles up Hurrah. I ask if they are doing the Jackson Hole Loop. They don't know where they are going for sure. I suggest the Wind Caves to cool off or I'll be back in a couple hours if they want to meet at the lodge and hang out at the beach.

Two hours later when I get back there are two side by sides of people using the restroom, another side by side in the parking lot to play disc golf, and the three guys on the bicycles are just dismounting. I get everybody squared away and then ask them where they are from and they say Poland.

I tell them they can follow me to the beach. They all start putting their helmets back on. I say "You don't need a helmet to go to the beach." One guy says they are riding their bikes to the beach. I tell them it's only a one minute walk. Another guy says "We go everywhere with our bikes." I ask if they have girlfriends or just bicycles. Two guys say "Bicycle". One guy says "Girlfriend". I say "Does she talk?" He says "Yes, do you want to see a picture?" I don't think I do.

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