Monday, September 9, 2019


Last week Jax and I hiked up on the basket of #14 on the original disc golf course as three disc golfers were coming round and I thought 15 is a tough basket to spot discs on so maybe I can help them. All three of them threw and though I couldn't see exactly where they landed I knew I had a real close idea. One we found right away and the other two we searched for half an hour or so and couldn't find either one of them. In the morning Jax and I went back and looked again and still had no luck. A few days later Jax and I were hiking down the road and I looked up and could see one of them in plain sight between a couple of rocks. As I was walking over to get it the other one was laying right there in the open so we got them both with no idea how we could have missed them. We have a witness. There's a gray fox in the middle left side of the picture watching us.

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Andrea said...

Tom, I see 3 grey foxes in the had a bigger audience!