Sunday, December 2, 2018


In previous years my ghost time began right after Thanksgiving with nearly 100 days of almost no guests. Just me and the little people and the ghosts of the past that I was free to explore for 100 days.

Now with revenue having doubled for the second year in a row it takes nearly two weeks to close down and prepare for next year. Just water at the lodge to fill the extra tank takes a day and then I have one propane heater that will only work on the pilot light so it's perfect to put in the well house which will keep it heated and the pump from freezing up and since it's just on pilot it takes almost three weeks to drain the propane bottle.

Next door at Last Hurrah it's much more work. It takes a day to pump water from the pond to fill the two underground water tanks. It would be nice if I could do that while at the same time pumping water from the river into the pond but then the mud is all stirred up and going into the holding tanks so filling up the tanks is first. At the same time though I pump water from the pond into the truck tank and take that water back to fill up the cisterns at the lodge that I use for watering.
Just putting the tank in the back of the truck by myself is a bit of work. I run two motorcycle ramps from the ground into the back and then muscle the 420 gallon tank into the truck. Fill the tank, drive back to the lodge and gravity feed the two cisterns so they're full for the winter. Then muscle the empty tank back to it's storage place.

When all the water for other purposes is transferred then it's fill up the pond again from the pump next to the boat house and into the pond.

I've heard that in some places when people want a drink of water they turn on the tap. It's a little more work here.

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