Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Some Stuff

The river is rising pretty quick now with some warm days in the last week. It doesn't look like though it's going to flood the garage at Last Hurrah.  When I do new projects I'm use to lots of little problems the first year and this has been no exception. I've been hoping for no major problems until at least I have my stuff together. Son Chris and I have been working on the new website and it should show up in a few days including Last Hurrah. You find any errors, please let me know.

The albino Eurasian dove showed up again. Each time I see a hawk chasing a flock of birds I always expect to never see the albino again. It's got to be the easiest one to sort out and focus on but every year I'm wrong.
Thanks to Rachel and Elsie, Kobae has moved into his house finally and been sleeping in there most nights. When Kobae would be mulling around the porch deciding where to sleep Rachel would have Elsie walk by and Kobae would of course take chase and follow Elsie right in to his area and when Elsie would leave Kobae would go down in his hole. Even when he's not sleeping he's spending more time just hanging around his place.
My best friend in the whole world Linny turns 14 today. Hard to believe. She lives in San Diego now with Linda and Heather. This is her watching some videos of when she was younger and out here. Hoping to see her for summer. Haven't talked to her in awhile. Phone service has collapsed since the Verizon towers went down in the LaSal mountains so even driving to the top of Hurrah Pass doesn't help. Occasionally it will work just for a few minutes and then down again. No date is set for repairs being completed.
Flowers are popping up all over the desert to include the cactus though they only last 7 to 10 days. Each year the first flower on the Desert Willow has always come out May 10th but this year it was May 7th though it has yet to explode in bloom as it always does. Still, without that the hummingbirds have returned in force. I've seen at least three baby rock squirrels in the last week so I doubt the flowers have much of a chance of lasting very long when they do come out. That makes the rock squirrel count 37.
I was a little nervous when I didn't see any ringtails in the rafters for two nights in a row thinking the large number of gray fox out there might have done them in but last night the three I know best all showed up at about the same time. Somebody will be having babies soon. However a new issue is the raccoons have figured out how to get up in the rafters and steal the hot dogs I've left for the ringtails. They are insatiable draining two to four bowls of Kit & Kaboodle each evening.

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cyn said...

Lots of "stuff." Sorry you are out of touch with Lenny and hope she is soon back in her and your desert.