Sunday, May 7, 2017


On Friday night I saw lights on various parts of the property so I took a side by side and went around kicking people off the property. When I got to the Base Camp sign there was a Jeep parked there. I ask them what was up and they said they were giving directions to a hiker. Ushi is from Japan. We talked and he was looking for a place to bed down and get some water while hiking the Hayduke. I put him in the side by side and set him up in the upper hogan. In the morning Ushi wasn't sure he had enough water to get there so Nicole and I agreed to do a water drop for him. He got lost on the way and wasn't as far down Lockhart as I thought he might be so we went 5 or 6 miles miles past him and dropped water.

On our way back trying to beat a storm with lightning flashing all around us we run across Scott who is also doing the Hayduke Trail. I ask him if he's going to need a water drop and he says "I should be ok. I just walked down and got eight liters of Colorado River water."

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