Thursday, December 18, 2014

Cometh the Hawk, Saveth the House Finch

I saw the hawk coming in low over the hogans out the office window. White-taileds sound the alarm, bird chirping velocity picked up, and all the little people took flight or headed deep into the bushes. As I opened the front door the hawk veered off towards the river and as I walked down the porch to make sure it really left I saw a small female house finch sitting on the porch with a bloodied mouth. Despite how much reflective tape I put on the windows occasionally one still glances off it only sorting it out just before impact. My pattern which has been pretty successful so far though fortunately it rarely occurs anymore is to cup them in my hands and then to bring them in the office to warm up. Generally after 30 to 90 minutes they will start to move their head around and that is the big sign that they're probably going to be all right.


cyn said...

Good job, and you received a reward.

Tom said...

It is rare when a good deed goes unpunished.