Friday, March 5, 2010

They Grow Up So Quick

At four years old Linny had climbed Jacob's Ladder and Catacomb Rock that many adults were unable to scale. At five years old she had rafted a large chunk of the Colorado, and at 6 years old she's driving a full size ATV. Despite her spirit and huge heart and so far no sign of fear, Tom has decided it's time to slow things down a little. No dynamite until she's eight.


Heather said...

yeah for linny!

Tom said...

I was teaching her how to do corners and could tell she was getting bored. Then she rounded one corner and just took off for the lodge leaving me to talk back. I could hear her laughing. I got back to the lodge and said "Didn't you hear me yelling at you?" She said, "I couldn't hear anything I was laughing too hard and going fast." Can hardly wait until she's a teenager.