Friday, January 8, 2021

The Days

In the mornings it's paperwork preparing for the next year. I'm updating disc golf maps and printing plenty of them. I've changed the waiver slightly for the first time since I've been here and printing plenty of those. Working on hand drawn maps updated for Skinny People, Wind Caves, Chicken Corner and one I hope will help a lot, a hand drawn of the property so people will have options where to go while here. When the day warms some it's an hour or so outside work and then we're off hiking.

I don't know what I'm going to put on the floors in the rooms at the lodge but I know it won't be carpet. The last month of the season was embarrassing. They have stains on them and it's impossible to shampoo because it's cold and won't dry before the next guests check in so I've got somebody coming out to yank the carpet. Hired a professional crew from in town to come deep clean Last Hurrah and they were here for two days. They stayed in the main house and said they heard activity at night so Jax and I are off today to put traps all over it. I need some ringtails at Last Hurrah.
Jax and I hike to the bottom of the drive way and there are dog, cow, and horse tracks. Jax gets excited and heads off to Jackson Hole but the tracks indicate they are heading Lockhart Basin so I call him and we start hiking towards the Wind Caves. I saw Curtis the other day and he said he had a few cows out in Jackson Hole he was going to have to move down Lockhart to catch the rest of the heard so this is that. Jax is excited but we hike out to the loop that heads back towards the lodge and we never saw them.
I've closed the bunk bed room. It has a few bookings for the year and I'll live with those but no new ones. Co-vid looks like it's going to get worse before it gets better and it's the only room that has entrance to the common areas. Plus that room fills with kids a lot and they hang inside much of the time so I've shut it down while I wait and see what happens. Perhaps Doug's set up by his hogan on the hill is an option. I have two outdoor grills but if I had more in the way of an outdoor kitchen it might help. Lot more work to keep it clean. Maybe I take the bunk bed room and hire another person or two and change the layout in there to have a permanent person live there. Kicking it around.
Jax and I have brought back another load of wood. Catching up. When the season ended earlier this week I was almost out of wood, propane bottles, drinking water, and many supplies. Being by myself most of the last two to three weeks I had no time to run in and get stuff without abandoning guests that were staying here. Despite the co-vid or maybe because of the co-vid and with 77 cancellations in March, April, and May, being down $75,000 on May 31st versus the previous year the property finished the year up $75,000. Kind of unbelievable.

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