Wednesday, August 2, 2017

A Couple Pictures

I was loading so many videos I was using the WIFI at both Base Camp and Last Hurrah and using a computer at both places. When I walked outside to drive over to Last Hurrah I found this guy in the Base Camp rafters of the front porch. Sorry to wake you.

When I bought Last Hurrah I noticed there were always mouse traps on the breezeway of the upper house but never a dead mouse in them and there was supposedly rat poop on one of the outside tables. I'd fallen for this in the early days at Base Camp wondering why there was always rat poop at one place on the back porch but I never caught a rat. I slept out there one night and figured it out. I suspected the same here. I took my headlamp and looked up into the rafters. Sorry to wake you up kids.
Back at the lodge the smallest one of this group is always walking around whimpering whenever the food runs out. Up in the rafters though everyone seems content.

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