Thursday, January 5, 2017

Docs Day

Though I've done this at least a few hundred times this one means a lot. It's time to go to town, wire money, and sign the docs for the property next door to be part of Base Camp. Leisurely it's an hour to town but don't want to be late for this so I leave two hours before the closing. I get to where the canyon narrows going into town and the county has pulled a drainage pipe out and is replacing it. 45 minutes I sit. Still, got the wire and docs all done on time. Sometime time in the next day or so Last Hurrah becomes a part of Base Camp Adventure Lodge.


khthnana said...

Congratulations your "Life is good" just got that much better

cyn said...

Congratulations. You looked, you waited, you found, you waited, you have it.

khthnana said...

Agreed Cyn Good things come to good people and it was right next door