Thursday, June 30, 2016

That Time Again

Two months ago after extensive testing my doctor told me I had Auto-Immune disease. My immune system has been attacking my body for many years and it just now got figured out. So he gave me a formula of things to do to get my immune system unconfused. He ask if I'd had anymore allergy attacks? I told him it had been probably two years. I don't eat anything new I haven't eaten hundreds of times before.
This morning at 2:30am the mother skunk was having a disagreement with something on the front porch and squeaking up a storm. I got out of bed to go break it up and for the first time in years I didn't put my flip flops on before I headed outside. Walking down the hall there was a pain in the bottom of my right foot. I turned the light on and some black almost beetle like bug was running for cover. I grabbed a boot and wacked it a couple times, folded it up and put it in a paper towel. It wasn't long before my right foot was swelling up. I popped two Benadryl. Then got ready to go if that didn't solve the problem. It didn't. I could feel tingling in my hands and working it's way up my legs. I grabbed more Benadryl, the Epi-Pen, phone, wallet, and boots and headed for the hospital. I wanted to be close in case it got worse and that's where I spent this morning. Sleeping in the hospital parking lot.
I popped another Benadryl in the parking lot and by just about daylight the tingling was gone in my legs and hands and I returned to the lodge. Now ten hours later I can almost get my foot in the flip flop. Almost.

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cyn said...

Good grief! Good thing your stomach can stand that stuff and that you had it! Watch out for those man-stopping beetles!!