Sunday, May 1, 2016

Michelle and Jax

Today Michelle and Jax moved back to Salt Lake City. Michelle has a good heart, kind soul, great work ethic, and matched me sarcasm for sarcasm, not an easy task. Jax is the only dog that Kobae never figured out. Dogs always run from Kobae as there is nothing in dog DNA that explains a rock with legs and Kobae is all about intimidation. Jax (aka Desert Dog) would come right up to Kobae and lick all the dried food off his face while showing no fear in doing so. I shall miss them both.

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cyn said...

Too bad. Each seemed to fit in many ways. Sorry the long term was not as hoped, but better now than later. Some men and/or situations can be difficult to live with, and a woman is fortunate if he has a good heart and strong personal integrity.

We were rained in this weekend, but the power came back on, the HWH repairman made it before the rain, and we made it out before the water came back up Sunday and it rained again. The house and outbuildings are on high ground.

We still hope to see you in June. I'll let you know for sure. Our collie is so laid back he will probably just ignore Kobae! As a certified therapy dog, he is non-aggressive to other animals, but a large tortoise will be an interesting experience.