Sunday, October 18, 2015

Now We Know

Linny is a natural. She can climb anything, hike anywhere, paddle all things, and drive everything she has ever tried. But, I've never let her drive the truck other than around here. On this morning Linny wants to drive the truck to town to know that she can do it and though I haven't had a serious injury in over a year I've had a couple almost paralyzing ones in the last few years. I'd also like to know if she's my ride to the hospital. With a near perfect drive up and down Hurrah and to town, she's my ride. When we hit the blacktop I said "Linny that was a perfect job." She said "I was scared the whole time." I said "If you were scared it didn't show and if so, why'd you do it?" She said "I wanted to know for sure that I could do it." The next day Kobae took off and it took me about an hour to track him down and we were nearly to the Wind Caves. I walkied Linny at the lodge with guests and she brought me the truck. Working out already.

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