Monday, May 4, 2015

I Saw a Ghost

It's 6pm Sunday evening, 37 hours since I found the body in the road. I've told a few campers and disc golfers hanging around the lodge but the general consensus of my story seems to be it was early, I was tired, and if it really happened, how come I didn't take a picture? A Subaru Outback comes up the driveway. This time of year I get 20 to 40 disc golfers on a weekend and usually we exchange greetings and some times first names but I get so many I'm not going to remember most. Five disc golfers come to the porch and before they pay I ask if they are playing disc golf or also looking for a spot to camp? One says "We already have a camping spot at Pritchett Canyon." Now I look at each of them individually. To the tallest one I say "Do I look familiar to you?" He says "You were in my dream the other night. You gave me a ride." I say "You were sleeping in the road." He says "I thought it was a dream." I say "A minute after I dropped you off at Pritchett Canyon a car blew around that corner. They wouldn't have been able to stop in time." He says "Was a bad night. I went for a run but got tired and fell down." I look at his shirt, it says "I SAW A GHOST" I thought "We both have."

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