Thursday, May 16, 2013

Apologies to Dirty Harry

Did he eat 17 head of lettuce, or 18? Well in all the confusion, I kind of lost track myself. Considering this is Kobae, the most powerful set of jaws in the canyon lands and can take your finger off with a single bite, you got to ask yourself one question...."Do I feel lucky? Well do ya sucker?" The broom tells us I do not feel lucky. As a result, my name will continue to be "Tom" versus "Nine Fingers," or "Eight" depending on my reflexes and learning curve.


Animals1st said...

Does he eat that amount every day? I want him! lol Maybe we should all eat that much lettuce...we would be too full to eat the bad things.

Tom said...

This actually was a week or two ago, but with my slow internet connection, it said it would take 2,600 minutes to load. So I cut it down, and down, and down, until it got down to 560 minutes to load, and then waited until I didn't have any guests so I didn't hog the wifi. Lately he eats six to ten head of romaine, three or four apples, five or six bananas, a cucumber, and some carrots. Then he wanders around eating the various flowers that are blooming with Dwarf Lupine being his favorite by far. But, if you could a banana as one thing, a head of lettuce as another, he has had days where he's eaten 25 to 35 things.