Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Moment

Two side blotch lizards (purple blotch just behind and under their front legs) have ruled the front porch all summer. They have survived hanging on the front wall waiting for flies to show up. One adapted to hanging low on the wall, (dangerous if the whip snake comes by) almost on the porch, and if he hears the sound of Tom with the fly swatter, he runs to that area and cleans up. Most impressive a young side blotch that showed up a month or so ago. He plays with fire every day, hanging around Kobae while he eats and watching for any flies that land. A wrong move, Kobae steps on him, it's over. Today, he has watched from the shadows, not tempting fate. Seconds after Kobae is gone, he blends into the leftovers and waits for the moment.

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