Monday, November 23, 2020


 The problem has been the right rear axles keep burning up. We've changed brands, types, and installation procedures and had two shops put them in and it makes no difference they burn up before I can even get out of town. Three times.

All of us going online it appears it's just the model year I have of course that is having this problem. About a third of the discussions say it's a bad transmission screwing it up. A third say it's the wrong size tires or multiple sizes of tires, and the other third say it's the exhaust system that is overheating it. After a short drive the left rear axle would read 135 degrees and the right rear axle 235 degrees. So we replaced the transmission, put all new tires on it, and built a heat shield between the exhaust and the right rear axle. Mad Bro called me and said they had driven it a lot and they don't know which one it was but it works. When you have this many vehicles you always have something that needs working on so I drove the Jeep into town and brought the Polaris back stopping every five or so miles so all the new parts could get broken in slowly.
I'd stop and Jax and I'd walk around a bit letting the Polaris cool off a bit. Each time anticipating a melted right rear axle as I'd get out to look and each time it was fine.

The thing that has taken the longest was finding parts. When Co-vid hit so many production lines shut down parts are hard to come by. I use to have three Honda ATVs which were really dependable but when the tsunami hit Japan the Honda factory got swamped and I couldn't get Honda parts for six months or at least that's what they told me regarding getting parts.

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