Monday, November 30, 2020

New Job for Jax

 Couple of disc golfers told me they lost discs on #1 of the original course. Jax is so bored without have a squirrel issue, raccoons or foxes out of their place, tracking Kobae, and other misc jobs he's had and having solved them all. So I got a disc and we sat on the porch stairs of a couple minutes while I said disc over and over again. He smelled it, chewed on it a bit, and then we headed down into the thick tamarisk bushes. We both waded in deep into the brush and I'm comfortable that he knew what he was looking for but neither of us found anything our first time. I did re-find the old dwelling that had been there 50 years before there was a Base Camp and I found the remains of left over birds so apparently the hawks are just doing their work somewhere else.

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