Sunday, November 1, 2020

Just Stuff

 I had my every four month doctor check up a few days ago and I'm still alive and not expected to have any real issues anytime soon but one thing I noticed was I have lots of injuries, scars and, fingers that are sprained or not working correctly. As I've sort of become the maintenance guy body parts get beat up, whacked, and over used. Jax bites on my wrists, things are heavy, and there is a little pain somewhere every day. It's only when I can hold the air pump up as long as I use to did I realize I have two fingers in my left hand that are broken or sprained badly, and there are lots of those things that make me adjust to how I physically do things. It happens so frequently I just don't pay attention to it anymore. It's become a way of life.

Kobae started pretty late but we got about a third of the way up Hurrah. He went in a little dead end draw and when he came out he by accident started back down the road. It was wonderful not having to fight him to get him to turn around until he figured it out and fought me for twenty minutes before he finally shaped up to fly right.

After an hour of hiking up Hurrah Pass Kobae took a little break in the shade. Then he suddenly lifted himself up and the biggest pee I've ever seen him take came flooding out the back of him and then running down the road.

The cowbirds left and the red wing blackbirds came right in behind them. Since escape proofing Kobae's pen he won't go back in there. The sun comes up behind the Anti-Cline now and since I've trained myself to wake up to the sun I'm getting nearly and extra hour of sleep in the mornings and for the first time in many months I'm not so tired when I wake up. Since most stuff in the desert, for people anyway, happens in the day time I have a sense of purpose immediately know I have less sunlight to work with.
The lodge had the best income month it has ever had in October. The new generator got reinstalled next door at Last Hurrah functioning properly. I get the two Polaris back I'm in pretty good shape going into the winter. I'm still renting from Moab Tour Company so that guests have a side by side to ride and it's been terribly expensive.

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