Friday, July 31, 2020

Small Game Changer

Jax still really happy when we hike everyday. He jumps up and down on me and nips at my fingers and runs circles around me. What a great dog.
This is so weird. The new Blogger loads the picture opposite of how I loaded them so I'll just do it backwards.

About a year ago Jax and I were at the Post Office and ran into a lady that had a Cavapoo like Jax. She was a little surprised and curious if I had her dog and then her husband or somebody showed up with hers. She called me yesterday and ask me who Jax's barber was so I hooked her up.

I haven't ever been too worried about getting sprayed by a skunk because all I've ever had is spotted skunks which are known for standing on their head to spray which gives me a little bit of time go react but a couple nights ago of the myriad of creatures running around on the front porch while the guests were watching were two baby striped skunks who don't need to stand on their heads. One set there right next to us and ate a hot dog.

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