Thursday, July 30, 2020

Just Stuff

Still hiking with Jax most every day. If we get a late start, usually guests want to go and they're late then we drive to shade somewhere so we have more time before the sun gets too hot.

We're getting some evening hikes in as well.

I had somebody not make it a couple days ago so I drive up to look at the traditional bad spot. It's a little beat up again so I take a shove and work on it for a couple hours and leave thinking no way anybody can't make it now. The very next night two sets of guests didn't make it. When they called I could hear the nervousness in their voices so I told them both to bail and cancel the reservation. This is still the best the road has been in probably close to eight years. The ledge is hardly a ledge though it was described as huge by one non check in but there is some sand in it so I shoveled away as much as I could. It's discouraging. Then around the corner comes this. I never figured out how to get the video in here but it shows up four or so posts from now.
I can't get the video to load correctly under this new format. I'll keep working on it.

One day we're out hiking and it's nice. I find a nice spot and sack out for half an hour or so. Couple days later my eyes hurt and have for two days. I think my eyelids are sunburned. Really.

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