Thursday, March 21, 2019

Jax, Kobae, and Hayduke

It's pretty busy but Jax and I are getting quick hikes for an hour or so whenever we can.

What Kobae likes most. Arion came through Tuesday morning. The first guy to ever try doing the Hayduke in both directions and on top of that to end by winter. With just Tuesday and Wednesday to work with he had pushed through last night coming back from Needles doing 40 miles, much of it by the full moon. He didn't run across any of the Haydukers that had come through the last few days because while they had pulled off to spend the night he continued on with two hours sleep and forty miles left to do by midnight Wednesday. Michelle ask him if he wanted a granola bar and he said he was never eating granola again.

I took guests to town, dropped them in the river for the four hour kayak back. I went through Burger King and ran into Arion hiking his way into town on his last 40 miles. I pulled over, handed him the two cheeseburgers and said "I don't know if you're stomach will be able to handle these." He said "I'm eating them." His face lit up. Hope I'll run across him again someday. 1600 plus miles in the winter that we had this year is pretty special. When I got back to the lodge John showed up doing the Hayduke. Watered up and hit the road. 800 more miles to do before the heat of late May and June gets here.
I saw Kobae wandering around the yard out the office window and the next time I looked he was gone. After circling the lodge three times in larger circles trying to pick up a track I saw movement in his house and he was checking it out. Will still be a few weeks before he moves in as it usually is but he's thinking about it.
One more hike before the rain comes again.

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