Tuesday, August 28, 2018

The Day is not Getting Better

We go to Mad Bro and the Kymco's aren't ready. Won't be ready any time soon. Maybe a month. They both need top ends. They've ordered parts and they take forever.

We go to the Hostel to see if we can find somebody that needs a job. They give me grief because Jax isn't on a leash. I saw one sign and it said "No unaccompanied kittens allowed." Or something like that. I open the door, Jax walks in, guy says, "That your dog." I say "Yes." He says "Can't be in here." I put Jax outside and ask the guy if he knows anybody that needs a job. He says "Sometimes." I say "Would now be one of those times?" He says "Maybe." I give him my info and ask him to call if sometimes shows up.

As we're coming down the Base Camp side of Hurrah there's a nasty yank to the left and we've blown a tire. Our first flat since switching to this brand of tire. Probably eight years or so but we for sure have one now and we're out of vehicles. Zero for five.

A side by side comes by and has room for one. I ask them to give Linny a ride and tell Linny to go to the next door hogan and or boat dock and see if there are any vehicles lying around. She calls on the walkie and says she has a Kawasaki side by side and she's on the way to get Jax and I. While Jax and I are waiting, it's quiet, and stunning, as the sun begins setting.

It takes a couple trips to get the $300 in groceries back to the lodge before they go bad. I call Nations and talk to Chris and tell him we're in serious doo-doo. He says he's on the way. Jax and I drive back up with tools to wait for Chris while Linny feeds all the critters and Kobae who is acting weirder than ever.

Maybe Chris can't make it. Jax and I drive to the top of Hurrah where I have phone reception. I call Nations they say Chris has left and is on his way. It's nice sitting on top of the pass. We have a lot of issues today down below but there aren't any up here.
We meet Chris after dark on top of Hurrah. He heads down the pass and by the time Jax and I get there he's about done changing the tire. We leave the truck and he takes off in front of us. When I pull into Base Camp the Jeep is running and he's got the Polaris apart working on that and five minutes later it's running. He probably would have been a little faster but he seemed a bit amazed as the raccoons, skunks, and foxes walked all around us while we were at the vehicles. I showed him how everyone gets fed every night and he was pretty impressed. Me too. We have three vehicles running.

Chris heads home. Linny, Jax, and I head up and get the truck, then return the side by side. When we get home it's 10:30pm. Jax and I left to go hiking around 6:30 this morning and there's been no break.

When all was said and done though, it was a good day, like they almost always are out here. The day had a little bit of everything but mostly there was magic. Never get tired of that.

Good night from the land of canyons.

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cyn said...

Another interesting day that ended well. Nice. Everyone who was needed was in the right place at the right time.