Saturday, August 4, 2018

Saturday Three Guys on a Roller Coaster

Erich and I attempt to turn the Three Guys on a Roller Coaster hike into a loop. It's a tough one. Hike all the way over to Three Guys from Hurrah, then take the low mining road back into Jackson Hole, enter one of the mines and go all the way through the rock formation to the other side and come out on The Scorched Earth Trail. Close to a mile or so long mine that breaches all the rock under Three Guys and Proud Beaver.

On Thursday the first set of guests that pulled in had two flat tires. I tried Fix A Flat on one of the but it didn't work and the other one looked worse so on Friday morning when other guest checking out ask me to drive their car over Hurrah for them I figured I might as well load up both flats and since I'm on top of Hurrah already go get the flats fixed.

After driving the SUV over for them I get to town and drop the two tires to get fixed. So I don't waste the trip I head out and get a load of wood filling up the back of the truck completely. Driving back into town I pull in to get bird seed and a vehicle pulls in behind me and says the whole end of the truck is sagging to the right. We look underneath and the leaf spring has broken and jammed itself up into the bed of the truck. It's bad. I limp back to Nations and they make a couple phone calls and they say "We won't be getting parts today because the dealer thinks your leaf springs are made of gold." Maybe a week.

I call Mad Bro and tell them I don't have a ride back to the lodge. Is my side by side fixed yet. They say parts came in yesterday and they'll get right on it so I wait in the parking lot for an hour or so and they say they have a lot to do but it will get me back so bring it back when the truck is ready.
The two repaired tires don't fit in the back of the side by side. One sits on the back seat and the other where your legs go but they are both interested in rolling out and taking an independent journey down Main Street so I pull into Walker and buy a bunch of ties downs and bunji cords and strap them both to anything I can find to get them locked down and head back to Base Camp. I need to talk to Linny about something strange that happened last night.

I pull into the lodge and Linny says "Tom I have to talk to you about something that happened this morning." I say "Linny I need to talk to you also about something that happened but let me take the guests next door so we can get these two tires on and then we'll sit down."
Linny and I sit down in the office and she goes "Tom, today after you called me on the walkie...." I say "Wait Linny, you're not going to believe this. At 3:02am this morning something jumped up on the bottom of the bed and woke me up, when it walked around my feet it pulled the sheets slightly across my feet. I could feel the foot steps on the bed and feel the sheets move, and then it laid down where Jax lays down." I turned a headlamp on and nothing was there but I felt it, the sheets even moved." Linny stares at me. I say "Really Linny." Linny says "Tom when you called me on the walkie from Hurrah this morning I went in the bathrooms and brushed my teeth. I looked into your rood and I saw Jax lying on your bed. Then when I went back to brushing my teeth I realized he wasn't here and I looked in your room again and he was gone. I saw him on your bed Tom. Really."

Erich and I have come to the end of the mining road and no mines. Other guests call on the walkie who are checking out and would like me to drive their vehicle over Hurrah for them. Erich and I start back and run across the mines. We missed them on the way out because right where they were there was a big rock fall and while we were picking our way through that we never looked up and saw the mines 30 feet above us. Too late now, I've made a commitment to drive another vehicles over Hurrah Pass.
It takes Erich and I an hour and something to hike back under Proud Beaver and Three Guys and in the meantime Linny is driving the checking out guests up to Hurrah for them.
We get back to Hurrah Pass and I drive the SUV up the last 100 feet or so for Linny and then park it at the top. We say goodbye to guests and as Erich, Linny, and I are all getting in the Polaris to drive back down to the lodge Erich says "Did you guys here that dog barking last night. I heard it four or five times."

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