Sunday, May 13, 2018

The Beginning

The number of reservations over the next four months is manageable, at the moment, and if it starts to get out of hand again I just won't take reservations for awhile. I've had no life for the last three months and I've got to find balance so on Saturday I found a chance to get away for an hour or two and ride a trials bike for probably the first time this year. It was wonderful. So relaxing. I was looking for tracks for the big horn and or deer neither of which I've seen for a week or two now and I didn't see any on this journey either. Of interest though were the two rough spots on the Jackson Hole loop which have each been bull dozed out. They no longer exist and it appears to be that the Pot Ash plant up river needed to shore up their pipeline and so they had to get new pilings out there but with the condition of the road couldn't do it without alterations. The fact that somebody could drive a bulldozer by me and I didn't notice tells me that things ain't right so I'm going to make them right.

I'm going to set time aside to get back in shape. Better shape than I've ever been since I've been out here and probably better shape than the last 30 years. I know the commitment that is coming and the mental preparation I've been working on the last few days and I'm a little scared. Not scared of the challenge but of what it's going to take once I make a commitment and how far I will dive into that commitment. Traditionally it has been a deep dive. So I just need to show up mentally every day. If the mind shows up prepared the body will follow.

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