Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Moab 240 Mile Race

Flags start showing up in the driveway from Last Hurrah out to the front gate at Base Camp and signs talking about a race. I look it up online and it's 240 miles. On foot. I'm really busy but I'm hoping somebody will show up and ask me if it's ok to use the property. On Friday morning Melinda wants to see the closest petroglyphs so as we're heading out we come across a check in point, first aid station, timekeeper's chair and the whole works right in front of the Base Camp sign. Since nobody ask and I know the races have somebody in charge of this stuff and while I'm all for helping and could have set up the aid station at Base Camp with bathrooms and the whole show if they would have ask, the least I can do is make them feel uncomfortable for not asking.

We pull up and I ask if I can help them. They seem confused. I tell them that when somebody sets up on my property I like to know about it and it's a shame they didn't ask. I can see their faces as they all look at each other like "Oh boy, we've got a major problem just before the first runners show up." I grill them a little more about who was suppose to check with land owners and who's running the show and a guy meekly says he's with the race organizers. I give him a little more grief and then tell him I'm on their side and I can help. Huge relief all around and people are breathing again.

He says he'll come see me in the next few hours as this is going to be a yearly event but he never shows up. Anyhow, 240 miles and the winner is Courtney Dauwalter, she's an eighth grade school teacher and she ran it in under 58 hours. Or a little over four miles an hour for 58 straight hours and she smoked the next closest person, a guy, by 10 hours.

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cyn said...

Congrats Courtney! I don't believe I could just stay awake for 58 hours.