Thursday, July 27, 2017


The last couple days the forecast has said 50 to 60% chance of rain, heavy rain. When it had passed I got almost nothing. Driving into town Wednesday for critter food when I pass the S turn there was a lot of rocks and mud in the road. When I got to the pavement it was mostly mud. When I passed Moonflower Canyon it was 60 to 70 feet of rocks across the road and about a mile before I hit the stop sign the entire west bound lane of the blacktop was gone. A rock three or four times the size of my truck came down, just missed three telephone poles, hit the west bound lane and took the blacktop, dirt, curb, and everything else with it into the river. This the rock sticking up out of the river thirty feet below me.

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cyn said...

Amazing you got through. Sounds like you and yours missed a bad one. Thunderstorms around us, but little rain at home. Close enough to bother our dog though. That's the only thing that bothers him! Been very hot.