Monday, July 31, 2017

Sunday Afternoon: The Beach is Back

When the snow melt comes, end of May, early June, the river below Base Camp floods into the tamarisk. With the tamarisk getting constantly watered and any weeds and wild growth along with them during that month or two of inactivity by people taking the trail down everything over grows the trail. Once the river begins to go down all the mosquitoes hatch and it's a pint of blood loss to go down to the river even briefly.

It's end of July. The beach should be back, or almost back, so on Friday and Saturday for a half hour or so each day in 95 degree weather so the mosquitoes will be inactive I've immersed myself in repellent and headed down to clear the path. At the end of half an hour I'm exhausted, the repellent has sweated off me, and the mosquitoes have awoken.

With Sunday afternoon I'm determined to finish the trail. I've got about 20 feet to go and I should be to the river. Spraying fogger in front of me and all around me plus repellent on me buys me some time, then I have to retreat and do it again, but, it paid off.

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