Saturday, March 4, 2017

Where's the Beach?

Jax needs a bath. Guests are telling me they've never seen a red and gray Cavapoo before, they're usually white. Easiest way, seems to me, is go play in the water at the beach. Jax and I trek down the hill and there's no beach. Snow pack is 175% or so of usual for this time of year but there have been some pretty warm days so apparently it's melting early. I don't usually lose the beach until around the end of April or early May, then it's back again, late July or early August. So Jax and I hike up on the cliffs to see if there's a beach somewhere on the property but we can't find one. While I'm disappointed we don't have a beach right now, at the same time I'd rather have it melt a lot now than all at once the end of May and flood the garage and boat house over at Last Hurrah as it has in the past.

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cyn said...

I use baby powder on my Collie, then brush and comb. The powder works like a bath, cleaning up dirt, oils,loose hair, etc. He has long hair, so I use a slicker brush with retractable head so it's easy to clean off the loose hair and a steel comb. Then he gets a treat!