Saturday, March 4, 2017

Got Lucky

I remembered three weeks ago where I left some gloves on a hike. With scout Desert Dog Jax we hiked out into the boonies and after half hour or so found where the wind had blown them. In most people's lives that's a pretty small deal but here when I find something that works I keep using it. Was seven years to find a pair of boots that would last one season. Then I bought three more pair. Two 10.5s and two 11s, triple eee. My feet expand when it gets hot. In a small town the store keeps what most people buy sizes and don't normally have room for the off sizes. I contacted the manufacturer and they didn't have wides on their web site either. But Amazon did. I'd like to support local businesses but in some cases it's just not possible. I also had four pair of my favorite gloves but Jax got one pair and there are glove fingers and a couple thumbs hidden by him around the lodge. My fear for having so many is the various manufacturers will cease making them and it will take me years to find suitable replacements.

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cyn said...

I understand. When you're difficult to fit and have limited local resources, sometimes mail order is the only option. I use Sierra Trading Post and Duluth, and also Amazon and Bed, Bath and Beyond. Duluth has superb gloves and work clothes.