Saturday, February 25, 2017

San Diego: Day Two (This is funny stuff)

Today Kobae chased Jax for a couple hours and Kobae was full speed for much of it. Jax has adapted to having a large shadow follow him wherever he goes and I feel a bit sorry for him being called in every direction to try and control the direction that Kobae is going. First, when Jax takes a pee, he overcompensates for covering it up by quite a bit as the first video amply demonstrates. Second, Kobae was on fire chasing Jax and he was as mad as I've seen him. Jax tried to get a lead on him so he could drop a load but Kobae got there while the event was still in progress. Jax is trying to squeeze his butt cheeks closed and run but he can't because his cheeks still have company that hasn't finished it's departure. That's as tactfully as I can describe it. Then there's some other stuff.


Rachel Cole said...

It's weird seeing you in a city setting

Tom said...

I'm trying to get use to looking both ways before crossing a road.

lue said...

I'll bet just walking on a sidewalk, pavement or hearing traffic was odd. But walking those streets with your daughter and granddaughter made for a nice time.