Tuesday, February 28, 2017

San Diego: Day Three

In theory it never rains in Southern California but nobody has been singing that song this year and we didn't sing it Sunday either. So we all hung at the house and then headed off to a San Diego Sockers game in the evening with the usual result.
Normally anything left on the ground, at any time, any where, Kobae will eat it. So everything had to be moved to the front floorboard and seat. Things were packed so high that when I was finally able to put Jax's bed in there he had a great view of the drive. As the drink holder was long since buried my boot served as the replacement.

With the second 12 hour straight through drive in four days I had to pull over a couple times and get an hour or two here and there. One nice place was Spotted Wolf Canyon not far from Green River.

At 1:30pm Monday Kobae returns to Base Camp.
There was a package waiting and when I opened it, was the magnetic bookmarks I had made with his picture on it and a little bio on the back.

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cyn said...

Sweet. And Base Camp is almost complete.